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Life is better with Plants!

It has been a long winter, but it looks like we are finally seeing true Spring. It is going to be a slower rollout of plants this year as we lost heaters in two greenhouses and all those plants are having to regrow. We will be adding stock daily, but it will not be a ton of plants. The nursery is too busy with too few employees for me to spend the time I need to update and post everything here. I am hiding everything that is not currently in stock in order to make it easier to see what I need to add. Thank you for your understanding. If you are looking for something specific, your best bet is to text me at (540) 538-9074. I tend to respond to texts very quickly. (Updated 3/4/2023)

New Stock Being Listed Daily!

About Us

Freedom Foliage is a small nursery based out of central Florida. We are a Veterans-owned small business. We specialize in unique Alocasia, Colocasia, Xanthosoma, Philodendrons, Monstera, caladiums, Syngoniums, Pothos, and other rare plants. We work to produce plants of excellent quality and beauty.​

​Our Plants
Monstera Leaves.png
Most Popular
Monstera Leaves.png

These are a few of our most popular plants. They are beautiful as well as easy to care for and can change the look of your room or yard. We are proud to share them with you. 


Alocasia Gageana "Variegata"

Colocasia "Electric Blue Gecko"

Colocasia "Maui Gold"

Colocasia "Black Sapphire Gecko"

Colocasia "Aloha"

Colocasia "Waikiki"

Alocasia "Dark Star"

Plant of the Month Sales (3/1-3/31)
Monstera Leaves.png
Colocasia Waikiki1.jpg

20% off Colocasia Esculenta "Waikiki" (PPAF)


This beauty is sure to turn heads with its tri-toned leaves of vibrant green, cream, and pinkish-purple. It looks and grows similar to White Lava, but its added splash of pinkish-purple color makes it distinct and a must-have for your collection.

Philodendron WPP.jpg

20% off Philodendron "White Princess"


Philodendron White Princess is a must for any philodendron lover. This plant stuns with glossy green and white foliage and a tri-colored green, white, and flamingo pink stem. Add one or more to your collection today.

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