The pictures above are of the actual Silver Sword being sold. These pictures were taken on 7/24/2022. This plant is currently growing in a 4" pot and will be shipped in its pot to reduce stress.


Philodendron Silver Sword, this is a stunning plant that is both easy to grow and propagate in the home. If you are obsessed with the aroid plant family, this plant is a must-have for your collection. The silvery leaves are absolutely beautiful, and this plant thrives on a moss pole and will get quite tall if allowed.

Philodendron Silver Sword

  • Water Requirements: Moderate water in well-drained soil

    Sun Exposure: Bright to Medium Indirect Light 

    Mature Height: As tall as the climbing structure provided. 

    Mature Spread: 1 - 2 feet wide

    Hardiness: Zones 10-12

    Danger: Parts of the plant are poisonous

    Propagation Method: Mainly through stem cuttings