Micans is a beautiful climbing philodendron that makes a wonderful focal point in your home or climbing up a tree in more tropical environs. This philodendron is easy to care for and easy to reproduce through node cuttings. The velvet texture and interesting color of its leaves make it a must-have for any aroid collector. 


*The pictures above are of Micans in 4" pots. Each shipped plant is fully rooted and contains a minimum of 4 growing nodes. The plant your receive will be as big or bigger than the pictured plants.*

Philodendron Micans

  • Water Requirements: Moderate water in well-drained soil

    Sun Exposure: Medium Indirect Light

    Height: This is a vining plant, so it will get as tall as the structure it is allowed to climb. 

    Spacing: 1-2 in per node

    Hardiness: Zones 10-11

    Danger: Parts of the plant are poisonous

    Propagation Method: Node cutting