Diamond Head is my personal favorite out of the black Colocasias. With its metallic blue-black leaves that shimmer in the sun, dark petioles that have a maroon cast to them, and its great clumping nature, this Colocasia is a must in any garden. It does like well drained soil, but it does not like to stay dry long. It also prefers to be in the full sun. If it is given the right light, the beauty of its blue-black foliage can really shine.

Colocasia "Diamond Head" PPAF

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  • Water Requirements: Regular watering with quick drainage. They like water, but they do not want to stay too wet.

    Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade– Does best with at least 6 hours of sun. It can be placed in part shade, but it will not do well in full shade.

    Height: 3-4 ft.

    Spacing:  24 in.

    Hardiness: Zones 7-11

    Danger: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

    Propagation Methods: By dividing corms, harvesting pups, or cormlets