Metalhead is an interesting alocasia in that is has exceptionally unique leaves. They are quite thick and rubbery, much more like the leaves of an Amazonica than those of a Gageana. The leaves are a dark olive on top, but the bottom of the leaf is a beautiful, metallic purple-bronze. It does best when it gets morning light and afternoon shade. I cannot handle full fun. It likes to be watered regularly, but it does not like to sit in water.

Alocasia "Metalhead"

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  • Water Requirements: Requires consistently moist soil that is well drained

    Sun Exposure: Part Sun to Full Shade: It does best with morning sun and afternoon shade or in an area with bright, diffuse light.

    Height: 4-8 ft.

    Spacing: 36-48 in.

    Hardiness: Zones 7-11

    Danger: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

    Propagation Method: By dividing corms, harvesting pups, or cormlets