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Gageana Aurea is fascinating plant, since its leaves color change as they mature. When they first emerge, the leaves are a medium green with no hint of variegation. It is not until the second or third day that the new leaf starts to develop its variegated pattern. The parts that will end up bright yellow, first shade to a lighter green, then a lime green, to a pale yellow, and finally settle into the vibrant yellow that makes the plant so distinctive. The entire color transformation takes about a month. It is a beautiful site to see a large plant with several leaves at each stage of the color change process. The Aurea does best with moist, well-drained soil and part shade to shade, liking morning sun most with afternoon shade. With time, it can reach six feet, but most average at about four feet.

Alocasia Gageana"Variegata Aurea"

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  • Water Requirements: Requires consistently moist but not soggy soil; do not let dry out between watering

    Sun Exposure: Outside - Part Shade to Shade, it does best with morning light and afternoon shade or medium to bright indirect light. Inside – Indirect medium to bright light. Do not place plant where it will receive direct sunlight, though glass, on its leaves or they will burn.

    Height: 4-6 ft.

    Spacing: 24-36 in.

    Hardiness: Zones 8-10

    Danger: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

    Propagation Methods: By dividing corms, harvesting pups, or cormlets