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The Colocasia and Alocasia plug sale is happening now. We have the following varieties up for sale for $5.00 to $10.00 per plug plant: Alocasia Metalhead & New Guinea Gold as well as Colocasia Aloha, Black Coral, Black Ruffles, Blue Hawaii, Diamond Head, Fontenesii, Hawaiian Punch, Kona Coffee, Maui Gold, Midnight, Mojito, Nancy’s Revenge, & White Lava. This sale is a great way for you to add a lot of variety to your collections without breaking the bank. The plug sale will run from 5/7/2022-5/29/2022.

The Plug Plant Sale has Arrived!

About Us

Freedom Foliage is a small nursery based out of central Florida. We are a Veterans-owned small business. We specialize in unique Alocasia, Colocasia, Xanthosoma, Philodendrons, Monstera, caladiums, Syngoniums, Pothos, and other rare plants. We work to produce plants of excellent quality and beauty.​

​Our Plants
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Most Popular
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These are a few of our most popular plants. They are beautiful as well as easy to care for and can change the look of your room or yard. We are proud to share them with you. 


Alocasia Gageana "Variegata"

Colocasia "Electric Blue Gecko"

Colocasia "Black Goblet"

Colocasia "Black Sapphire Gecko"

Colocasia "Aloha"

Colocasia "Diamond Head"

Leucocasia "Thailand Giant"

Featured Plants
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Colocasia Esculenta "Aloha" (PPAF)


With its two-toned leaves of vibrant green and deep brown-black, this beauty is sure to turn heads. Unlike the Illustris, which has a similar coloration, Aloha has lustrous, pearlescent foliage that shifts color in the sun.

Burning Heart.jpg

Caladium "Burning Heart" (PPAF)


With striking coppery-red leaves that are liberally speckled with shades of pink to deep red, dark red veins, and deep red petioles, this Caladium is a must for any tropical lover. It reached an impressive height of 24" to 30" and does well in the ground or in containers